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Vol 8, Issue I, January - June 2015
Interview of the Month
Arbitrability of fraud in India by Vivek Vashi and Shreya Ramesh of Bharuch & Partners.
Reforms and Recommendations for the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 by Krishnan Singhania and Annapurna Singh Ranwat of Singhania & Co.
Business Continuity and Reputation Risk Issues by Dr. Linda S. Spedding, International Legal Adviser and Lawyer
Apex Competition Regulator declares BCCI Not-Out on Appeal by Pratibha Jain, Simone Reis, Payel Chatterjee and Kartik Maheshwari of Nishith Desai Associates
Regulation of Biopesticides in the United States – What Foreign Companies Should Know to Register Their Products at U.S. EPA by Keith A. Mathews of Sidney Austin LLP.
Operation Successful, Patient Dead by Arush Khanna, Advocate, Supreme Court of India
Tracing the process of structuring of a Hindu woman’s right to Inheritance by Ishita Khare, Student, National Law Institute University, Bhopal
The Beef Ban in Maharshtra by Raghavi Viswanath and Surbhi Sharma, students, National Law Institute University, Bhopal.
The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace: An Unmanned territory by Susanah Naushad, Advocate and Gibran Naushad, student, National Law University, Delhi.
Gender Inequality and Hindu Personal Laws by Prachi Dutta, Student, Hindu College, Delhi University
Book Review
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